The following plot was taken from Feel free to expand it!
Lillian(Ellen Travolta)is having a "Be A Disc Jockey for a Day" at her diner, but she's even more nervous when the Health Inpsector Leonard Griffing(Frank DeVol)comes to evaluate the diner. Buddy(Willie Aames)announces that he won the contest to be the DJ at the diner, he gets nervous when he has to talk after playing records, he then faints, he tries to get Charles(Scott Baio)on the show but he refuses so he gets Sarah(Josie Davis), Jamie(Nicole Eggert)and Adam(Alexander Polinsky). Lillian passed the clean inspection but is worried when he comes back to check the wiring in the building, Jamie and Adam have to stay after school so Buddy has to start the show without them, when he goes on the air he's as cool as a cucumber, but as Jamie and Adam have used up their time, Sarah gets sick from eating way too many candy bars, when Leonard tells Lillian she has to pay 2,000 or he shuts down the diner. Charles decides to put what he said on the air, he then said to Lillian that she passed the inspection and quietly leaves.

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