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Charles (Scott Baio) has to do a psychology term paper, by analyzing a neurotic, psychotic and a normal, Jamie (Nicole Eggert) is worried about Sarah (Josie Davis), Adam (Alexander Polinsnky) follows her to the library and stares at the wall Charles sees this as a sign of neurotic he starts with her and moves to psychotic by moving to his friend Buddy (Willie Aames) who is no help at all, he goes to his mother Lillian (Ellen Travolta) if there's anyone in the family who's crazy, an Uncle Donald who thinks he's a duck did not help at all. Buddy announces that he is doing research for his paper at a Mental Hospital but after the interview with Dr. Clay (Jack Bannon), thinking that Buddy is unstable they keep for observation, it's up to Charles to get his friend out of this jam, Walter (James Callahan) says that they have a right to hold someone for observation, Charles learns that Buddy is to have a psychiatric evaluation by Dr. Stanley Willard (Ben Stein), but when Buddy checks out okay, he asks Charles to stay for observation, Buddy goes back with a ladder and tries to rescue his friend, it turns out that Stanley Willard is a patient there thinking that President Richard Nixon has appointed to Secretary of State, Charles goes home and learns that Buddy has already solved Sarah's problem, so they go back to the dorm to celebrate Mexican Fiesta night.

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