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Charles (Scott Baio) is substitute teaching Sarah's (Josie Davis) history class, when he plans a co-ed study groups Sarah gets stuck with Russell Davis (Paul Walker) but she later tells Charles that she is grateful that she is paired with him, but when Charles finds out that Sarah is doing his homework for him, he decides to talk to Russell to find out what his problem is. Buddy (Willie Aames) is cooking a Boysenberry pie for Home Economics Class, Walter (James Callahan) doesn't want Buddy cooking in his kitchen without supervision, when Buddy's pie starts to burn Charles asks Russell to read the instructions on the fire extinguisher, he admits that he is an illiterate and that he can't read or write. Charles tells him that he needs help and Russell tells Sarah that he'll write his own essay and gives her back the essay she wrote for him. Lillian (Ellen Travolta) serves pieces of Buddy's pie by accident and thinking that he'll fail his class he faints.

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