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Jamie announces that she is running for Student Council President, thinking it'll improve her morals, Charles tells Sarah if she doesn't like the way Jamie plans on running things, Sarah decides to run against Jamie, she plans on winning on the issues. Jamie plans on making school fun for everyone. Buddy offers his services to be her campaign manager, she accepts when she realizes that he knows the meaning of fun, she knows she can win. Sarah thinks she doesn't have a chance at winning, so she turns to Charles to be her campaign manager, thinking she has a better chance but Jamie thinks that she will beat her. Charles and Buddy arrange a debate between them. Adam tells Jamie and Buddy that Sarah is going after the fun vote, so Jamie decides to go after the intelligent vote, Charles and Buddy start to fight, they resolve things after Jamie and Sarah decide to be equal by being President and Vice President.[1]


Tony Danza referenceEdit

Charles: Look Jamie, you may be ahead right now but come election day things could change.
Jamie: Yeah right, Sarah could gain another five points and then you'd only be responsible for breaking ninety percent of her heart.
(Jamie leaves the kitchen)
Charles: She wouldn't talk that way to Tony Danza.

Tony Danza starred in the ABC sitcom Who's the Boss?, which was similar in premise and launched in the same year as with Charles in Charge.


  • Ellen does not appear in this episode.



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