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Lillian(Ellen Travolta)is thrilled to see Frankie Romano(Robert Ridgely)a man she almost married, who is now a travelling salesman, Charles(Scott Baio)is glad to see his mother happy, Sarah(Josie Davis)is desperate to make the Powell house an environmentally safe house by changing the light bulbs and turning one of the trash cans into a recycling bin. Frankie and Lillian tend to rekindle an old flame between them, Charles likes Frankie but the rest of the family thinks he's after something like her diner, but when Lillian announces that she is selling the diner, Charles senses something is wrong, but when Frankie realizes that she is selling the diner he immediately tells her not to sell, and aks her to marry him. Lillian is overjoyed and doesn't know what to say, so she goes to Charles for advice, but instead she turns down his proposal of what Charles said to her, that her marriage to his father made her happy and that Frankie doesn't need a wife to make him happy, Sarah decides to buy young trees with the money that she won with her essay and after the revelation Adam(Alexander Polinsky)faints and Jamie(Nicole Eggert)drags him into the kitchen literally.

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