"Jill's Decision"
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date January 23, 1985
Written by Judy Pioli, Marc Sotkin
Directed by Alan Rafkin
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Jill's Decision is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on January 23, 1985.


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Charles has a million things to do before he meets Michelle Harris for coffee at the Lamplight. He hopes she will agree to have dinner with him soon, maybe that night. Since Jill is suddenly called on a special assignment that goes with the promotion to arts and fashion editor, Charles has to watch the children for the rest of the day. That means he will not be able to take Michelle out to dinner, but Buddy comes up with an excellent suggestion. Buddy will pick up the seafood dinner at the restaurant, and Charles and Michelle can have an intimate dinner at home. Easier said than done, Jason is in a school play and has a problem with laughing when he comes to a certain line. Lila needs lessons in throwing a good softball that is, not throwing like a girl. Douglas is invited to a party and just has to know how to dance. He doesn't want to look like a jerk. When Charles and Michelle finally sit down to dinner in the kitchen, the children come in and interrupt them. Charles apologizes to Michelle and tells her that it was not planned that way, but she explains that she loves it. She comes from a large family, and she is really having a wonderful time. When Jill and Stan come home, Jill announces that she has made a decision - she wanted the promotion alright but not at the expense of missing out on spending precious time with her family. Promotion and added responsibilities can wait until her children are older and don't need her as much.