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Jamie needs a float for a parade, so Adam builds a six-foot paper mache Dinosaur in the middle of the living room, Walter protests and wants the thing Charles to get rid of it, Charles and Buddy get invited to a poetry seminar, needing a poem to get in he borrows one of Sarah's after he reads it to everyone, Luanne publishes it in her magazine much to Sarah's chagrin, when she learns that her poem was published in Charles's name, she gets mad at Charles, her teacher thinks she copied it from the magazine, she flunked and got suspended from school, so it's up to Charles to fix things, so he decides to tell Sarah's teacher Mr. Worley and asks him to come over and everything will be straightened out, he tells Luanne the truth and offers Sarah to print her poetry in her magazine, and still goes out with Charles because she chose him not because he can write poetry.