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Sarah (Josie Davis) has been planning her mother's birthday part for a week and it has to be perfect, Walter (James Callahan) has purchased the birthday hats, streamers and the games. Buddy (Willie Aames) is the clown for the party, Charles (Scott Baio) picks up the cake and then he gets trapped in a elevator with a woman named Kelly Morgan (Keely Christian) they realize how much they have in common. Ellen (Sandra Kerns) comes home at 6:00 but Charles is not back with the cake yet, she later calls her office and heads out to show a house, Jamie (Nicole Eggert) and Adam (Alexander Polinsky) thinking that the party is ruined start to worry about Charles, when the power comes back on and the elevator starts working he invites Kelly to the birthday party and he learns that she is blind starts to feel uncomfortable with her blindness breaks off their dates for the weekend, feeling guilty about breaking her heart, Lillian (Ellen Travolta) tells Charles to talk to a picture of his father, he then learns that you see with your heart, he invites her to the party and they make up. Ellen arrives home and they all yell "Surprise" and they celebrate her birthday a day late.

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