The Boy Who Loved Women is the twenty-first episode of the third season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on July 30, 1988.


The following plot was taken from Feel free to expand it!

Confused by the poorly written instructions that came with a new stereo component rack, Charles is frustrated trying to assemble the unit. Meanwhile, a 14 year-old fast talker named Mark, who's been dating Sarah, can't resist asking Jamie) out. The girls eventually find out, war is declared, and guess who gets the blame? Though he feels inadequate at fixing things because of his problems with the stereo rack, Charles sets out to repair the rift between the two sisters. His hilarious attempts at getting the two girls and Mark together in the same room at the same time never quite work, yet the girls manage to straighten things out on their own. If that doesn't shock Charles, the stereo rack is finally assembled by Adam and Buddy.

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