Where the Auction Is is the twenty-fourth episode of the third season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on July 23, 1988.


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Charles is outraged when he learns Lillian is hosting a sorority slave auction. Outraged, that is, until he finds out that attractive new transfer student Jeanie intends to bid for him. At the auction, however, Jeanie is outbid by a gorgeous coed secretly acting as a buying agent for none other than Sarah, Jamie, and Adam. The trio quickly takes advantage of Charles' slave status, claiming he hasn't been doing enough for them. When Lillian remarks that a child who's waited on hand and foot grows into an irresponsible adult, the kids realize they've been too hard on him. Buddy then excitedly announces he's persuaded his owner, Jeanie, to trade, so would Charles please plead with his gorgeous owner to let them trade places?